Tuesday 4 October 2022

Zero Screen Time Trading - Ledger from 01/07/21 to 30/09/22

Total profits from 'Zero Screen Time' Algo-trading in our two accounts, for previous 15 months is -

INR 32.96 lakhs + INR 24.92 = 57.88 lakhs, after all transaction costs.

YouTube video links are as below:

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Rule of Thumb

"Whenever you start feeling, it's VERY easy to make money in Trading or Investing, TIGHTEN & LIGHTEN your positions."

-- Kamlesh Uttam

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Food for Thought

 "Zeroing on "ZERO Screen Time" is the best policy as a durable trader with respect to HEALTH and WEALTH"

-- Kamlesh Uttam

Sunday 31 July 2022

FORCE ANALYSIS - Nifty - Daily - 31-07-2022

"Ongoing rally is just a short-covering rally, not powerful enough to make new high. Rally likely to halt at red-rectangle zone"